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Unboxing Thrive Life Fuji Apples

Unboxing Thrive Life Fuji Apples

Unboxing Thrive Life Fuji Apples

Thrive Life was running a giveaway. All we had to do is an unboxing. I decided that I would be Unboxing Thrive Life Fuji Apples. Thrive Life is a company that sells freeze-dried foods and fantastic storage shelves. This is the first unboxing video that I have made. This became my first official video on YouTube.

Freeze-dried Fuji Apples

The Fuji Apples are one of our favorite products from Thrive Life. My mom and I both love them. There are no added sugars, preservatives, and GMOs in the food. The only ingredient in the can is Fuji Apples. You can’t go wrong there. They are sweet and crunchy. I have refreshed some and made a single apple pie. It was delicious! It’s great to know I can go to my shelf and get apples any time of the year. The #10 can will stay fresh for up to a year. Unopened it will stay fresh for 25 years.

Little about the Company

Thrive Life is a freeze-dried food company located in Utah. Just add water or liquid and away you go! I found Thrive Life while we were looking for long-term food storage. We already dehydrate and use Canning to create our short-term storage. We use most of what we make in less than a year. My mom and I are less worried knowing that there is food in our long-term storage in case of any kind of emergency. Emergency doesn’t have to be a natural disaster it can be a loss of a job.

If you are interested check out my Thrive Life Website. If you sign-up to be a consultant you get a 15% discount on your food delivery purchases every month.

Interested in getting Fuji Apples.

Some Recipes that use Thrive Life Freeze-Dried Foods

Making An Omelet

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

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