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The Legend of Zelda Gift Guide

The Legend of Zelda Gift Guide

The Legend of Zelda Gift Guide

Now get the legendary Zelda in many products. Get Monopoly, Clue, Uno or Chess. If you like to put together puzzles below is a 1000 piece puzzle for you. Sit back and have a glass of Lon Lon Milk from the ranch and enjoy a game or two. Get The Legend of Zelda gift guide products for Christmas. I’ve included a few Zelda picks that I love.The Legend of Zelda Gift Guide -The Legend of Zelda Gift Guide - I included a few of my favorite games and items from Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda. There is Monopoly, Clue, Chess, Uno, Puzzle, and glassware. #Zelda #thelegendofzelda #nintendo #clue #monopoly #uno #puzzle #glassware #stein #candleholder #chess #games #boardgames #familynight #familygames #Link #MasterSword #breathofthewild


The Legend of Zelda - ClueFind a clue with the Zelda Clue game. Can you defeat Ganondorf? What weapon will you use? And, where is his hidden lair? Chose 6 personality cards like Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru and Darunia. There are 6 metal weapons to use, master sword, fairy bow, megaton hammer, boomerang, hoot shot, and bomb chu. The game includes 16 boss encounter cards, custom score pad, 2 dice, mystery envelope, and player instructions. The game board is has a custom illustrated with the map of Hyrule. Made in the USA.


The Legend of Zelda - MonopolyPlay the Hyrule version of Monopoly. Find Hyrule properties to buy, sell and trade. The tokens are Zelda icons of the tri-force, slingshot, hook shot, boomerang, bow and the Hylian shield. Don’t you just want to buy up all of Hyrule?


The Legend of Zelda - ChessLike playing chess? This Zelda chess board features 32 figurines made of vinyl. The “White” side is the “Hero” side. The hero pieces consist of Zelda as the Queen, Impa, Epona, Darunia, Bishops, Knights, rooks and Navi as the pawns. The “black” side is the villain side. It consists of Ganondorf the Dark King, sorceress sisters, twinrova, Iron knuckle, Phantom, Armos, Bishops, Knights, Rooks and Deku scrubs as pawns. Package has a clear front panel and a magnetic front closure.


The legend of Zelda - PuzzleDo you love puzzles? This one has 1000 pieces. Put together this beautiful Breath of the Wild scene from the game of linking scaling a mountain in Hyrule. Made in the USA.

UNO Card Game

The Legend of Zelda - UnoJoin the Hyrule Adventure with this version of UNO! Each card features an image from The Legend of Zelda. A special wild tri-force card is in this game. The tri-force card forces your opponent to play a card of a certain color with a tri-force symbol on it. If they don’t have one, they must draw three cards from the Draw Pile. A great gift for The Legend of Zelda fans. The deck contains 112 cards and instructions. The game is for 7 years and older with 2 to 10 players.

Master Sword Stein

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword SteinCapture Link’s, Master Sword. The stein holds 26 ounces of Lon Lon Milk. Painted from Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game. The paints used are non-toxic and permeant.

Tri-Force Eagle Stein

The Legend of Zelda - Tri force Stein Mug, Eagle Hyrule CrestHyrule Tri-Force Eagle in golden yellow color. Made with stain glass paints. Makes a wonderful gift. Holds 26 ounces of liquid. Makes a great beer or ice tea glass.

Candle Holder

The Legend of Zelda - Red Heart Candle HolderGet your container heart candle holder in red. It is painted with red and gold non-toxic stain glass paint. Use a tealight, votive or LED lights makes this candle holder glow in red.

This is a few Zelda products that are currently out there that I love. I plan to buy the Clue and Uno games for Christmas. The clue game has Hyrule field instead of a dining room. What could be better than that? I Love that game!

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