Taking A Break From My Blog!!!

Taking A Break From My Blog!!!

I’m Taking A Break From My Blog

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite some time. I’ve had a few major things pop up that will take all of my time.

Re-Organizing My Blog

First, late last year I realized my blog just wasn’t working for me. It had been up for a year and a half and I had very little interest. I decide to go back to the drawing board and niche down my blog. I’m looking into adding videos and I am really getting into planning again. The new niche will be cooking and planning videos. I’m doing that research now.

Second, While I was in the middle of trying to bring my blog into a new light my landlord decided to overhaul my apartment. EKK!!! Run and hide!!!

After I was diagnosed with cancer and had lost my job, I had to move everything I own. I moved everything from a storage unit to the carport. It was to save money. I enclosed the carport to be more like a garage. Now, I’m having to clean out the carport. I have to downsize my stuff and move it to a very small shed. I had already made plans in my planner to downsize my stuff this summer but I have to go through enough of it to fit into the shed now. Later, I will go back to the original plan and finish downsizing the rest of my stuff at a slower pace. Ugg! What a chaotic mess!

The light at the end of the tunnel…The apartment will look updated and fresh. I might even get a patio out of it. I will have to wait and see. =)

Once I’m finished taking a break from my blog, I will return to re-organize and update it. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet but I will figure something out.

I’ll see you when the landlord is done!


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