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I’m Starting the Ketogenic Diet

Why I’m Starting Ketogenic Diet?

I’ve started the Keto Diet because I want to get my blood sugar under control. It has been out of control since I started cancer treatments. It’s been 3 years since my last treatment and my blood sugar levels are still all over the place.  Since then, I have worked with a nutritionist to bring it down. I’ve tried medication, vitamins, exercise, the MyPlate sponsored by USDA, portion control and a few other things I don’t care to mention.

I came across the ketogenic diet in 2012 before I had cancer but there was hardly anything written about it. I found two books at Barnes and Noble and one book at the library. They were written at least 10 years before.

If I lose weight in the process of this diet, it will be a major bonus. If you are interested in this diet I suggest to research it before you start. Talk to people on the diet and see if it is for you. Don’t waste your time or money if this isn’t going to be a good fit for you.

Find a Book

If your interested in starting the Keto diet, I suggest checking out books from the library or sit and read at Barnes and Noble. There are many books out there right now. Find one that fits your way of eating. I found Kristie Sullivan Keto Living day by day. She eats similar foods that I eat. This has made it easier for me on the diet.

Getting Started

Before you start your diet, you want to get your starting information. This will be helpful along the way.

Start by stepping on that nasty heartbreaking scale. You need to get a starting weight.

Next take your measurements bust, hips, waist, legs, and arms.

Then get into some exercise clothes and take pictures of yourself. You need one full length and one of your face. I know it feels awkward but you’ll be happy you did it later.

Write down the “WHY”. Why are you doing this diet? Refer back to it when you feel the cravings for that chocolate cake kick in and you want to cheat.

Lastly, get your Marco nutrients. I found this calculator to use.  Macros calculator I’m still trying to figure this stuff out but I thought I would share what I know so far.

Creating Your Weekly or Monthly Meal Plan

My suggestions before starting the diet. Make sure you have all of the food you need to make your meals. I made the mistake the first week by not having all of my food to cook the recipes.

Second, have a lot of the food already made and ready to eat. Spend a day to make some muffins, meals, side dishes, anything that can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator. This helps to cut down on the cooking time. You can grab food real quick, warm it up and eat.  Then figure out what main dish and side dish that you want to eat on what day. This helps to keep you eating what and when you are supposed too. It also keeps you from nibbling on the food you shouldn’t be eating.

I created a small binder so I can keep track of any changes while on the keto diet. I include things like my measurements, weight, good/bad days, and if I cheated. It’s helps me to see how far I’ve come. I’ve included recipes that I have found and liked.

Below is the book I had chosen to start the Keto Diet. Enclosed is the book link in case you want to start the keto journey. =)

Keto Living Day by Day


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