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See what freeze-dried food looks like

See what freeze-dried food looks like

What does Freeze-dried food look like?

See what freeze-dried food looks like. Have you ever wondered what it looks like? How does it taste? How long does it last?



This is a short video to show what Thrive Life freeze-dried food looks like out of the can.

I apologize for being upfront. I’m still learning how to film and edit videos. It is a learning curve.

See what freeze-dried food looks like? The picture below is what freeze-dried food looks like. As you can see the freeze-dried food looks just like fresh food. The freeze-dried process removes 99% of the water making the food lightweight. Campers, backpackers, hikers,  pack their own meals to carry while they are enjoying their outdoor activity. The picture below has raspberries, green beans, and pineapple.

See what freeze-dried food looks like

How does it taste? I think it tastes great. All of the flavor and nutrients were locked in during the process of flash freezing. Everything I have tried with Thrive Life has tasted exactly like the fresh version of that product. My favorite item from Thrive Life is the raspberries and strawberries. I love them in a nice hot tea during winter. It peps me right up.

How long does it last?

How long does it last? Most of the products last 25 years unopened and 1 year after opening. I feel more secure knowing that I have a small backup food source in case there is a natural disaster.

Thrive Life is a freeze-dried food. It can store up to 25 years. Just add water and away you go! Having backup storage is a must-have with the increase of natural disasters. If you are interested check out my Thrive Life Website 

If you are interested in the product Thrive Life offers click the link above. Thrive Life offers a 25% discount when you are a consultant and buying through delivery. website/blog

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