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How to make the Hot Santa Hat Wreath Craft

How to make the Hot Santa Hat Wreath Craft

A Witches Hat…

Create a Santa Hat Wreath from a Halloween witch hat frame.
Santa Hat

The hot craft this Halloween was, wait for it, a Santa Hat! Yup, I said a Santa Hat! You find many crafters making them online this season. Someone out there had a great idea of using a witches hat frame from Dollar Tree to make a Santa Hat with it. Now everyone is doing it, including me.

Boo-witch-hat frame
Boo witch hat frame from the Dollar Tree

It is a cute hanging, I guess you can call it a wreath. There’s a white pom-pom on the end. The hat section is wrapped with red mesh. Where the white fur is usually found on the hat, there is curly white mesh instead. The red and white mesh both have a shiny strand running throughout it. This makes it glittery from a distance. The Santa hat wreath can be hung inside or outside. I’m making mine to hang on the inside of the front door.

We usually buy a real pine wreath to bring in the Christmas tree pine smell but we were disappointed last year. An 8″ wreath cost us $24 and it didn’t smell. Everything except the pom was bought at Dollar Tree. The pom was bought at JoAnn’s Fabric. The cost of making this wreath is about $7.50.

Let’s Make a Santa Hat


Santa Hat Supplies
Santa Hat Supplies

1 Halloween Witch Hat Frame

1 bag of white or silver pipe cleaners (Chanel sticks)

2 Rolls of Red Mesh 5yrd or 15 foot (2 rolls total 30 feet)

3 Rolls of White Mesh 5yrd or 15 foot (3 rolls total 45 feet)

1 Pom-pom White or White yarn to make a pom-pom (if you know how to make them.)

Flower, Holly, or Ribbon for a bow to decorate


Wire cutters *optional to cut the pipe cleaners


Preparing the items:

witch hat frame
Witch hat frame without garland

Remove all of the black and silver/purple garland from the frame leaving the ribbon hanger. The frame will look like this when done.

If Halloween is over and you can’t find the witch hat frame Serendipities Closet has a video on how to create a witch hat frame from plastic hangers.

Cut pipe cleaner in half
Cut pipe cleaner in half

I cut a bunch of the pipe cleaners in half with the wire cutters. You can also cut them in thirds. I have Lymph-edema in my hand and arm so cutting them in half works out better for me.

cut white mesh
cut white mesh

Next cut all of the white mesh into 6″ strips and store them in a bag or basket until later.

Starting With The Red Mesh

Start mesh
Start mesh

Take the corner of the red mesh and bunch it up in your fingers. Then use a pipe cleaner to tie it to the top of the frame. (Where the pom-pom would go.) Leave the pipe cleaner hanging out to attach the pom-pom later.

Wrap red mesh
Wrap red mesh

Then start to wrap around the frame moving toward the bottom. Overlapping as you go to hide the frame and knobs. Make sure to leave the ribbon for hanging the wreath out from being wrapped in behind the red mesh.

tie off
tie off

When the first roll of red mesh runs out tie it off to the frame with a pipe cleaner.

start new roll
start new roll

Use the same pipe cleaner to start a new roll. Continue wrapping until you reach the bottom of the red section.

red section completed
red section completed

Here is what the red section of the hat looks like when finished. Tuck any loose ends in between the layers.

red mesh close up
red mesh close up

Here is a close-up of the layers.

Working On The White Mesh

bunches of 6" cut white mesh
bunches of 6″ cut white mesh

Here are all of the white mesh strips that I cut earlier.

roll white mesh
roll white mesh

To make the curl take one piece of white mesh and roll it as tight as you can. Hold it in the middle with one hand or clamp it down with something so it doesn’t become unrolled. Then roll 2 more. You will need to roll 3-4 of them depending on how full you want the hat to be. I used three curls rolled up.

Curl up close
What the curl should look like

Here is a close-up of what the end should look like once you have it rolled.

Pipe cleaner ready to use
Pipe cleaner ready to use

Next, take the pipe cleaner to bend it in half.

3 tied
Three white mesh curls tied together

Tie the pipe cleaner around the center of all three curls so it looks like this.

bunch of tied curls
Bunch of tied curls

I did all of them at one time so I could focus on their placement.

attach white mesh
attach white mesh

Take one of the curls and thread the pipe cleaner around the frame on one side. Twist the pipe cleaner to tighten it to the frame.

White mesh started
White mesh started

Continue to add the curls to the frame and fill in any gaps. Make it as full as you want.

white mesh finished
White mesh finished

All of my white mesh curls are twist-tied to the frame. Play with them adjusts them. Trim off some of the rough edges. Make it look how you want it to. When you get it how you want it to look, tie off all of the pipe cleaners underneath and clip any long hanging ones. Make it look as pretty as possible for the back of a craft. =)

white curls
Close up white curls

Close up of the white mesh curls.

Adding Your Decoration:

added the holly
Added the holly

I added a glitter-covered holly flower and green glitter balls to the side. You can add a bow or berries. Anything of your choosing.

Lastly, I added a store-bought white pom-pom I got from JoAnn’s Fabrics to the top. Ran the pipe cleaner that was left at the top of the frame through the middle of the pom-pom and then I twist tied it down to the frame so it wouldn’t come loose.

Sorry, I haven’t made a pom-pom since I was in High School. I didn’t have time to figure it out again so I bought a package from JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Completed Santa Hat Wreath

Santa hat completed
Completed Santa Hat Wreath ready to be hung

I’m very happy with how the Santa hat wreath came out. The wreath is all done and ready to be hung on the door.

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How to Make a Santa Hat Wreath this Holiday Season


Free downloadable PDF here

How to Make the Hot Santa Hat Wreath Craft


44 thoughts on “How to make the Hot Santa Hat Wreath Craft”

  • Thanks Monique for giving very clear instructions and a materials list. In October I bought a few of these witch hats at D.T. to convert for Xmas but haven’t made them yet. Your post will be helpful. I pray for your future good health.

    • Thank you for the comment. I am so pleased to hear that it will be helpful. Thanks so much. =)

  • Thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the step by step and the list of materials.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. It is always good to hear that there is someone out there that appreciates my work. I hope the walkthrough is helpful.

    • Hi,
      Yeah, the fall stuff isn’t out yet. I’m waiting too! =( I don’t know where else to purchase them. I did include a link to Serendipities Closet she shows how to create a frame from plastic coat hangers. I put her link up just in case Dollar Tree doesn’t come out with them again. I’m really hoping they do. Good Luck! =)

  • They have the witches hats out now at dollar Tree.Just pick 11 up today,just in case ya’ll didn’t know.Thank you for your video Love it.

    • Hey there! You can buy the witch hat frame at the Dollar Tree during October, Halloween season. The rest of the supplies can either be bought at the Dollar Tree or any craft store such as Joann’s or Michaels.

  • You give very clear, explicit directions. I’m planning to make one with my granddaughter.
    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      You will need 30 feet of red and 45 feet of white. That is based on the size of the Dollar Tree rolls (roll size 5 yards).

  • Witch hats are in at $Tree. Clerk said their supply truck comes every Tuesday, and mesh & hats usually come on the truck by the last 2 weeks in September. She suggested I call before closing on Tuesday as they don’t know how many items come in until then.

  • very cute and easy to follow instructions. I looked everywhere to find instructions to make a santa wreath and finally found this one and it was just what i was looking for. This was perfect.. Love it.

  • I’m in the process of making 5 Santa hats, giving them to my friends for Christmas, every hat turns out different and the embellishments are just beautiful, I made a witch hat for a beautiful gift an my friend just loved it so much, luv making these hats great craft

    • I’m glad you enjoy making them. The first year I made them everyone kept asking me to make more of them. I ended up making 27 of them for friends and family. Happy Crafting! =)

  • I have been trying for two weeks to purchase more of the hat frames they tell me they are not getting any N and this is five different dollar stores I would like to know how I can purchase them directly from the warehouse someone please contact me though the Santa hat brain is different from what you had out at Halloween the Halloween frame works perfect thank you for your help

  • Thank you for showing us how to do this . Your instructions were really easy to follow . I am looking forward in making a few. Blessings

  • This is so darn cute!!!! I purchased my witch hat on amazon 2/$11. Question . How do you get the red mesh so tight. I’ve had to unroll a few times & start over. I’m finding it hard to keep it looking as good as yours 🙂

    • I allow it to double over on its own as I take it off directly onto the frame. I also pull it tight as I roll it but not so tight that the frame sticks out. I found the tighter you pull the more it moves around. I also slightly overlap it with the previous row. Good Luck =)

    • They are fairly easy to make. They just take some time. Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your santa hat for many years. =)

  • Love the hat. Would like to make for next year. Live I an assisted living community. We decorate our doors. This and any other ideas u have will make many people happy

  • I love this and can’t wait to make one, or a dozen! I only had one question, you specified the length of the mesh required but what is the width?

    • Sorry, My site was hacked and I just got it back. The width was between 4 and 6 inches. I hope you were able to figure that out since I couldn’t answer your question. Again, sorry for the really slow response.

  • I also made witch hats for Halloween. I removed only the bottom layer of black tinsel and used the deco mesh rolls of orange, purple and lime green on the bottom. Very cute!! I also put orange fairly lights on all of it. Too cute!! Now I’m making Santa hats. My husband kindly sprayed painted the top red and the bottom white so the black frame didn’t show. I was lucky to find thin red tinsel which I used at the top instead of wrapping it with the red deco mesh. Much easier to do and significantly easier to thread the warm white fairy lights. It’s gorgeous!! Thank you for your thorough tutorial s!!

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