Online Streaming

Online Streaming VS Cable

For a long time, there were only two choices cable or the dish. Now there is a third choice. Online Streaming!!

Cable companies were out of control. They had the attitude that they were your only choice. One guy even told us “If you want to watch TV you need to pay your cable bill no matter how expensive it is.” and my favorite part whether or not there was a cable outage. Out cable was down for 3 days and had to pay for all three days even thou there was no service. Rip off!!!!

I believe the cable companies are on the way out. Too many households are fleeing from the high monthly payments with crappy service. A lot of households are switching to online streaming. We did in 2007 and never looked back. We chose a company that hooks to your TV and has a wireless connection to the internet. Now we stream all the movies we want?

Roku Express for the on the go traveler. Roku!

Here Is Our Story

Do you Roku? We Roku! In 2007 my mom and I were looking for ways to lower our bills. The cable bill was one of the most expensive bills we had. The only bills we had left were the electric, water, and phone. It was the only bill left that we could get rid of. This was the last luxury we had.

We had just called to get the current deal from the cable company. The next month (December) we received a letter that said they were raising the price $50.00. Then, January rolled around and we received another letter that said they were raising the bill $70.00 more dollars. We were paying almost $200.00 a month for basic and extended basic and we didn’t have premium channels.

Having to call every month to get the current deal and still having to pay the huge price that month and only getting a discount the next month was ridiculous. My mom and I were frustrated. We just couldn’t pay for cable anymore. We were going to have to do without TV when I read a blog about this guy having the same issues and what he did.

Do you Roku? We do! Online Streaming Stick
What we did!

My mom and I discussed what we could do. First, we went to the store and found a digital antenna for all 3 of the TVs in the house. That was a one-time payment for each of the antennas. We paid $150.00 for 3 antenna’s and it was still cheaper than one month of a cable bill. That took care of the regular (basic) channels. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS etc.

We realized with the extended basic we had a lot of channels that we were paying for that we didn’t like to watch. The channels we did like to watch would run reruns continuously. That made it easier for us to cancel extended basic. Instead, we signed up with Netflix and Amazon Prime. This works out to be $200.00 a year for both of them. For the price, for one month of a cable bill, we have all the movies and tv shows we want to watch for the year. If we hadn’t changed to Roku we would have ended up paying $1200.00 for the year. That’s astonishing!

Roku offering HD 4K and HDR online streaming. Do you Roku?

What is Roku?

Roku is one of the first streaming companies. The boxes have a wireless connection and plugged into the back of the TV. They offer different connections such as HDMI and composite A/V port. The best part, there is no monthly box rental fee. With Roku, you buy the box. It’s yours!

There are many types of products available for online streaming starting at $29.99. There is something for everyone. They offer travel sticks all the way up to a RokuTV.

My mom and I recently upgraded to the Roku Ultra.  This is our second upgrade since 2007 (10 years!!!!).

Roku Ultra box for binge watching our favorite tv shows.

Roku offers 500,000+ channels for free. You can also get CBS, ABC, PBS, and CW just to name a few. There are also some channels that you can pay a small monthly fee for like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Starz, HBO, and many others. This way you pay for stations that you want to watch. You’re not paying for channels you don’t want or need and you can cancel at any time.

There’s even a mobile app. To binge watch on the go. I love that phrase! haha

Online Streaming was never better then now! Roku
We are happy we don’t have to deal with the cable company, except when they come knocking at the door. It feels so good to say “No! Thank you!” and shut the door. =)