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Nesco Snack Master Food Dehydrator

Nesco Snack Master Food Dehydrator

Nesco Snack Master

I bought a dehydrator a few years ago and have been using it ever since. I bought a Nesco Snack Master Express. This model allows for tray upgrades of up to 12 trays. I’ve bought the 8 extra trays and mesh screens for my dehydrator. What I like best about this model is the motor is located on top instead of on the bottom. The bottom motor styles are hard to clean. If food drips into the motor while on, it could cause a problem.

Nesco FD60 Dehydrator 12 tray towerDuring winter I dehydrate at least once a week. During the spring and summer month’s I dehydrate almost daily. I dehydrate anything from meat, herbs, grain to fruits and vegetables. With 12 trays I can dehydrate multiple fruits or vegetables at one time or multiple pounds of one food on separate trays. I numbered my trays as a way to track what I am dehydrating and what time it was started.

Nesco FD60 Dehydrator 4 original trays and 3 newly bought traysI am planning to buy another machine to dehydrate smelly foods like onions, peppers, and garlic. These foods give off a strong smell while dehydrating. It is not suggested to dry them in the house. I will dehydrate them on the patio outside. On the plus side, it should run off any mice or mosquitoes. 😉

Dehydrator top for the Nesco FD60The dehydrator top has a knob for setting the temperature. There is a small chart with suggested drying temperatures. Temperatures range from 95 (35 c) degrees to 165 (71 c) degrees. The main dehydrating book I use is The Dehydrating Bible. This book has 400 recipes to use after you dehydrate your food.

Dehydrator TraysNesco FD60 Dehydrator Trays

The regular tray measure 13.5 wide x 2.9 height inches. The original purchase includes 4 trays. When dehydrating never use less than four trays. It can damage the motor. See the holes that run all along the edge of the outer wall of the tray and the big hole in the center? These holes help push the air around the food during the drying process. There are two air intakes on the handle at the top. See the picture below. Nesco FD60 Dehydrator Airflow

Clean A Screen Mesh Tray

Nesco FD60 Dehydrator Mesh Screen

The mesh screen is used when dehydrating the smaller foods that will become smaller and fall through the regular dehydrator tray. Food such as blueberries, herbs, corn, or peas to name a few. I use these trays all the time. I have bought one for each tray.

Leather Tray (Fruit Roll-Up)

Nesco FD60 Dehydrator Leather Tray

The leather tray is used for making fruit roll-ups or fruit leathers. The tray is also used for anything that is in a puree or liquid form. Can also place one of these trays at the bottom to use to catch any juices or liquids that drip out of the foods during the drying process. It makes for easier cleanup.

Dehydrator & Accessories (purchased separately).

Nesco Snack Master Dehydrator

Dehydrator Tray

Clean a Screen Mesh Tray

Leather Tray


Dehydrating Bible Book

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dehydrating Foods

The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

To Make Jerky

Jerky Gun

Jerky Flavoring Packs

I use my NESCO Snack Master Express Food all the time. I dehydrate all kinds of foods, meats, veggies, fruits, and berries. I’ve also dry bread, noodles, and rice to make meals in a jar. There is a lot you can dehydrate and store for later use.

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Nesco Fd60 Snack Master Express Dehydrator

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