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Do You Fear the Mammogram?

Do You Fear the Mammogram?

Do You Fear The Mammogram?

My sister was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Since I had survived cancer in 2016 she calls and ask me questions about treatments and side effects. She was about to have her first mammogram test. She was worried about it. It made me think, what is she really worried about?

I started to think about conversations I listened to while I was sitting in the waiting rooms. I’ve heard many women say they are afraid of having a mammogram. They have heard that it hurts. The machine pinches and squishes our boobs to within an inch of its life. They say they heard it’s painful!

Why do you fear having a mammogram? Ask yourself are you afraid of the machine, the test or the results?
Mammogram machine

My First and Last Mammogram Test

My mammogram was done on a new machine called a 3D Mammogram. The 3D Mammogram uses less radiation than the 2D Mammogram. It has an arm that rotates around your breast and takes videos instead of pictures. It takes the video and cuts the image of your breast into small slices that show the slightest bit of a lump.

This was my very first mammogram. I’d never had one in my life. I didn’t think about being afraid of it at the time. But then again, I’m not usually afraid of technology so I didn’t pay much attention to it. While they still placed my boobs in between two pieces of glass and squished them into small slivers of flesh it really didn’t hurt all that much to me. The nurse told me, the 3D machine doesn’t have to have your breast squeezed as tight as the 2D machine requires. Honestly, I found that a pap smear is more uncomfortable than a mammogram. I just had to stand there with my boob between two plates of glass and let the machine circle around me. That was it!
Why is it my last mammogram? I had a double mastectomy. From what I understand they do not do the mammogram test on fake boobs. There isn’t anything left there to see.

What do you really fear?

Mostly I think what women are really afraid of is the test itself. I think most women use the excuse that it hurts to cover up what they are really afraid of. I believe the real fear is the results of the test. You don’t want to hear the “C” word. Cancer! It is a very frightening word. It is the type of word that can stop your world in a fraction of a second.
mammogram test machine
mammogram test machine
Personally, I would rather want to know, than not know. You see if I know what is wrong, I may be able to fix it and if I can’t fix it, at least I would know what to expect. Living in the dark and not knowing what is going to happen is pure torture to me. My mind goes in many different directions and my imagination can come up with some pretty scary things. I would want to know.

My sister is a worrier. I suggested she get her mammogram test. She would not do well thinking about what could be. Plus she may be able to catch any cancer that she can still treat.

If you need a mammogram your going to have to decide what is best for you, your body, and your imagination. Have you asked yourself “what is it you most fear about having a mammogram?” If it was me, I would have one!

Here is more useful information from the American Cancer society about Mammograms.

Why do you fear the mammogram test? Please catch cancer early.

Do you fear the mammogram?


I am not a doctor and do not pretend to be.
The only thing I can do is express my thoughts and experiences.
I am not giving medical advice.
Your body belongs to you and you are the one to decide what is right for you.


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