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How to Make a Beautiful Keepsake Rose Vase Candle Holder

How to Make a Beautiful Keepsake Rose Vase Candle Holder

Rose Vase

How to create a beautiful dried rose vase

My sister Debby and her hubby Mel gave me these beautifully colorful roses in a purple glass vase for my birthday this year. The roses were so pretty alive I wondered if they would keep their vibrant colors dried. Once they were dried I wanted to keep them somehow. I needed to find something to do with them. They were too beautiful to throw away. Love this rose vase.

colorful roses
Beautifully colorful roses

These roses are created by splicing the outer edge of the stem multiple times all the way around. Then each spliced part of the stem is left in a different color dye. The florist that made these started with a white rose and then used red, blue, green, yellow and purple dyes.

I thought some sort of clear container with a candle. Off I went to the Dollar Tree. I went through the different glass containers. I wandered into the candle section and found a small vase. Finally, I found a small enough one that wasn’t too large.

Then I realized dried flowers and an open flame would be a bad idea. So I bought a changeable fake candle at Dollar Tree along with the glass vase. The candle changes colors every few minutes. It shines in blues, purples, greens and reds.

Let’s get busy!

Rose vase supplies

The supplies needed: Glue, Scissors, 1 glass vase, 1 fake candle, a bunch of dried roses, a piece of cardboard and flat glass marbles

Dried roses with the stems cut off

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the roses whole or just petals. I choose to keep them whole. After the roses are dried, cut all of the stems off leaving about 1″ to 1 1/2″ of the stem to keep the rose from falling apart.

Roses placed in the vase one by one

Cover the bottom of the vase with flat glass marbles. They are used to fill the bottom area that the roses can’t fill.

Then place each rose in the vase facing out and were you like them. At the top of the vase, I added loose petals to fill in the top of the vase. They hide the stems from the roses.

Rose vase-cover
A plastic cover over the dried roses.

I used a plastic cover from another candle product to cover the roses and petals on top. I used the plastic cover instead of a piece of cardboard cut into a circle.

Rose petal cover
Glued loose petals to the plastic cover

I glued some petals to the cardboard cover.

Rose vase candle
Placed a fake flame candle in the middle of the petals

I placed a fake candle in the middle of the petals on top of the cardboard cover.

rose-vase-side view
Rose vase view from the side

This is a side view of the vase with the fake candle shining in blue.

Completed Rose Vase

rose-vase completed
Completed with a ribbon tied around the neck.

I wrapped a ribbon around the neck of the vase to complete the project. Later, I removed the ribbon and glued iridescent string beads around the neck. The ribbon kept hanging down to low and blocked the view of the roses and I wanted to see the roses.

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Rose Vase - how to make a beautiful keepsake vase with those dried flowers your want to keep.
How to make a beautiful keepsake rose vase and candle holder


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How to Make a Beautiful Keepsake Rose Vase Candle Holder

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