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How To Make An Invisible Floating Wick

How To Make An Invisible Floating Wick

Creating An Invisible Candle Wick

I couldn’t find the invisible floating wick when I first started to look for them. After a few discussions with my mom, I realized the bottom of a bottle resembled the invisible float. It took me a few tries but I finally came up with the following directions. I hope it is helpful!

I finally found some floating wicks to buy here.


Invisible Floating Wick



    • Soda bottle with 5 bumps on bottom
    • Wick
    • Scissors/Exacto knife
    • Nail & Hammer / Craft Drill with small bit / Box Cutter

Warning/Suggestion: May want to use gloves for this project. The bottles are a thin plastic. It is really easy to slip and cut yourself.

Let’s Get Started

There are 5 bumps on the bottom of the bottle

This is what the bottom of the bottle should look like. It should have 5 bumps.

Cut the bottom of the bottle

Cut the bottom off at the line where the bottle starts to bend. About a 1″ from the bottom of the bottle. Scissors or Exacto knife work well.

Use something sharp to make a hole in the center of the plastic bottom. It is pretty hard. I used a very sharp box cutter. Can also use nail and hammer or a craft drill with a small bit.

Cut hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle

Thread the wick through the hole.

Test to see if it floats or sinks

Test floating the wick in water to see if it is going to sink.

Floating wick ready to be lite

Place the wick in the water of the floating candle.

See article on how to create a floating water candle.

Invisible Floating Wick Completed

Invisible Floating Wick
Wick is lite and floating in the candle

If you would rather buy the invisible floating wicks, you can find them here.

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Here is a printable

How to Make an Invisible Floating Wick

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