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How to Make an Elegant Frame

How to Make an Elegant Frame

An Elegant Frame

Elegant Frame making an old frame new again using lace and pearls.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to change things around in my room. One of the simple and inexpensive ways to freshen up my home decorations is to change the frames on my walls. A couple of dollars for paint, thread, and beads can change the whole look of a frame. You can use an old frame or buy a new one from Dollar Tree. With a little bit of time, a frame can change from ordinary to special. An elegant frame. It can become an art piece to talk about and admire.

The supplies I used to make this frame is pearls, embroidered lace, and paint. Ready for a project?

Shall we make an elegant frame?

Supplies for project

1 Frame any size

White paint

Embroidered Lace

String of Pearls

Dollar frame
A frame purchased from Dollar Tree.

This is an 8″ x 10″ frame I bought at the dollar tree.

Painting the frame white as a background

Paint the frame white. Use two or three coats to hide the original color of the frame.

Gluing the lace to the frame

Glue the embroidered lace or any lace you have to the frame. I embroidered this lace for another project a few years ago and had a bunch of it left over.

Lace completed glued to the frame

Lace has been glued to the frame.

Start the pearls an 1″ from the corner

Start gluing the string of pearls 1″ from the corner. This helps with the corners. If you start by gluing the pearls in the corner it makes the corner look a little strange from the other 3 corners. One corner will be sharp and the others will be rounded. It’s easier to end the pearls in a straight line.

Pearls end where they started

Ending the pearls where they started.

Frame with string of pearls glued onto the lace.

A string of pearls glued to the frame.

Framed lace with pearls

Close up of the corner with the lace and pearls. The completed frame has single pearls added to the end of the lace.

String of pearls glued to the lace

Another photo of the completed lace and pearls

The completed frame.

Completed frame with lace and pearls glued to the tips of the lace.

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How to Make an Elegant Frame


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