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How To Paint A Heart Vase

How To Paint A Heart Vase

Hand-Painting Heart Vase

I’m hand-painting a heart vase today. The vase I’m making has scattered hearts in three sizes. I created heart-shaped stencils to use. I’m painting the vase with multi-surface acrylics. Once completed I will bake the vase in the oven. The paint will harden and become permanent. I can fill the vase with water and not worry about the paint coming off. It will become dishwasher safe top shelf. However, I suggest hand washing to retain the beauty of the paint colors.

Hand painted red heart 7" vase. Found only at
Hand painted red heart 7″ vase.

I bought the 7″ vase from Dollar Tree. The paints can be purchased at Michael’s Craft store. I used FolkArt Multi-Surface or enamel paints.  I’m using berry wine, engine red and 14k gold colors. I am loving these paints. They work really well with my new glass painting hobby.

It’s funny the first thing my mom said is “I love that!, Where’s mine!”.

Supplies Needed

Heart vase supplies, FolkArt Multi-surface paint colors berry wine, engine red, 14K gold. Tape, Brush
Heart vase supplies

Let’s get Started

Tape stencil to the vase. Pounce paint over the stencil and vase.Clean vase with alcohol to remove fingerprint oils and dirt. Tape stencil to vase. Pounce brush red paint on inside of stencil.

Remove stencil to reveal the painted heart.Remove the stencil to reveal the heart design.

Paint gold border around the heart.

I painted a gold border around the heart.

Paint neck of vase red.Next, paint the neck of the vase red.

Add gold polk a dots and gold border to edges of red.Paint gold polk a dots around the neck of the vase. I also painted a gold border around the rim and the bottom edge of the red paint.

Paint bottom of the vase red.Paint the bottom of the vase red. Allow to fully dry.

Paint gold dots around the edge of the red paint as a border.Add gold dots around the bottom edge of the red paint.

Completed Heart Vase

Completed heart vase.

I will finish this vase off with either a red or gold organza ribbon bow around the neck of the vase for an extra flare. I haven’t decided if I want to fill it with glass marble and flowers or a paper filler with flowers.

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How to paint a heart vase with FolkArt Multi-Surface paints.

Here is the printable

Heart Vase Hand Painted

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