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Harvest Share Season Is Almost Here

Harvest Share Season Is Almost Here

Harvest Share Season Is Almost Here

Harvest Share is a program where the farmers in the area that have grown overstock produce that the stores will not buy they donate it to the low-income public. They would rather feed people that need the food then see it rot. It’s like Christmas. You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they have companies like Bob’s Redmill donate grains and bread.

What this means to me is weekly canning and the daily dehydrating season is almost here. Right now, during winter I’m only dehydrating once a week. Winter is like that! This year I am also adding freezing foods and making more TV Dinners. Making my own TV Dinners I know what is in my food and I can choose what vegetables I want to combine with my meats. No more of throwing out that vegetable that came with the dinner you don’t like. YAY!!!

I am getting ready for the abundance that the harvest season provides during summer by dehydrating some of the year-round foods I can buy at the store. Celery, kale, carrots are just a few. Frozen corn and peas are another set of food to dehydrate for a dehydrated vegetable soup base. Why dehydrate these now? Well, I can add them to the recipes once I get fresh veggies to dehydrate from the Harvest Share. I can finish and complete dehydrated soups and stews for fall and winter.

Two Of My Favorite Soups

Two of my favorites soups in winter are tomato and mushroom. I can dehydrate mushrooms and powder them, add dried mushroom pieces and then vacuum seal it in a jar. Scoop out a few tablespoons, add broth and its ready to eat. I can make enough soup to store in a half gallon jar that will last quite a few months. It takes less space to store one half gallon jar then it is to store 20 Cambell soup cans. Plus, I know where the food came from and what is in my soup. Mushroom or tomato and broth! That’s it! That’s all of it inside my soup cup. I like that a lot!

If your looking for a Harvest Share in your area try contacting or going online to your state Department of Human Services. Quite a few states have these programs. Take a look around and see what your state offers.

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