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Garden Update On Tomatoes

Garden Update On Tomatoes

Garden Update On Tomatoes

This is a garden update on tomatoes. We planted our tomatoes outside in May.

Our garden is a Container Garden. We use Earthbox planters for most of our vegetables.

We are growing two varieties of tomatoes this year. The third variety we were unable to get planted. It will be planted next year. We are growing Beefsteak slicing tomatoes and Napoli Roma Tomatoes. Did you know tomatoes are actually a fruit and not a vegetable? I love them just the same.

This year we plan to dehydrate the Napoli Roma Tomatoes. We want to make tomato powder out of them once they are dehydrated. Stay tuned for a future blog posting and YouTube video later in the summer. We bought two Napoli Roma tomato plants in hopes of having enough to powder. They are growing fast and have lots of flowers we are waiting for the bees to find them.

Beefsteaks are slicing tomatoes. We will be eating those as they come off the vine. Looking forward to having them in sandwiches and salads.

Last Years Tomatoes

We grew tomatoes last year and we didn’t get to eat not one of them. We were both so disappointed. As soon as the tomato riped the rats outside would eat them. This year we are working on ways to keep the rats out of the garden. We thought about a product called scat cat and make a wall with it. We may order some and see if it works unless we find something else that will definitely work. Rats have been a problem for us for a few years now. We use to have feral cats in the neighborhood but they all disappeared.

It’s time to harvest and trim the rosemary and the English thyme. Both herbs will be dehydrated. We are running low on herbs and spices this time of year. Time to replenish my stocks.

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