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Garden Update June 23

Garden Update June 23

Garden Update June 23

This is the Garden Update on June 23. We are still in the process of planting out the seedlings.

My tomatoes are getting tall and flowers are waiting to be pollinated. Just waiting for the bees to find out patio. Last year we only saw a few bees. I’m wondering how far off a beehive is.

My garlic is ready to start forming cloves. I will stop watering my plants when the bottom leaves start to turn brown. This is my first year growing garlic. Some of the instructions are vague, so I will see if I get bulbs this year. I’ve been making lots of notes for the next crop.

Most of my peppers died in the last heatwave last week. I only have left my red bells, pepperoncini, and a very tiny cayenne. I’m hoping they will survive this 115-degree heatwave this weekend. I will be replanting the peppers again. Trying to grow paprika, serrano, jalapeno, and sweet banana peppers. Even if I can get them to grow I will overwinter them and then have peppers for next year’s harvest. A lot of beginner gardeners don’t know that pepper plants can live for many years. Once the plant has made it to 3 years it is mature and gives a bountiful harvest.

Blueberries are starting to bloom flowers for berries. I have a Chippewa plant that is 3 years old and a Duke which is 1 year old. I have a feeling I’m not going to get Blueberries this year.

English Thyme and Rosemary were repotted. Both plants are looking like they are happy in their new pots. The chocolate mint and lavender need to be repotted. I don’t have enough soil to repot them. I can’t find any more Black Gold Brand in my area. I’ll keep checking back to see if the stores get any more in stock. I hope I can get some this year.

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