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Garden Update for July 7th

Garden Update for July 7th

Garden Update for July 7th

This is a container garden update for July 7th.


It always surprises me how fast the garden grows. Our Napoli Roma tomatoes now have a bunch of fruit getting ready to ripen. It is loaded with flowers for new fruits. While the beefsteak just keeps getting taller. It is about to fall over and we need to get a trellis. The trellis we wanted to order is no longer available. Last year we didn’t get to eat any of the tomatoes. They were all eaten by rats from a field across the way. They would wait until the tomatoes were ripe and then we go out to pick them to find they were gone.

The cucumbers are a surprise for me to see them already climbing up the trellis. We use Earthboxes every year and have a few trellises for some plants. We don’t use the Earthbox trellis for the tomatoes anymore after last year. A good wind would catch them just right and the plant would tip over.

I started a herb garden this year. It is small but starting to grow. I planted Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Oregano, Sage, Marjoram,  Basil, Nigella, Rosemary, German Thyme, English Thyme, Lavender, and Chocolate Mint. That’s a healthy start for the herb garden. I will add more plants next year.

We are growing Blue Lake Bush green beans this year. They have doubled in size since last week. We lost one to a squirrel.

I had 10 pepper varieties growing but the heatwave killed all but the pepperoncini, cayenne, and red bells. The cayenne looks very stunted but we will see if it continues to grow.

We had a squirrel digging in our planter boxes this week. It was during the 115-degree heatwave and we think it was looking for water. We didn’t think the plants, our dogs, or us would survive the heat.

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