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Can A Low Income Food Program Help You?

Can A Low Income Food Program Help You?

Low Income Food Programs

In my state, there are groups that offer free food to anyone that needs it. If you are below the low-income bar like I am it helps out a great deal with the grocery bill every month. DHS, Harvest Share, and the Community Kitchen are a couple of the resources that are offered in my state. I know DHS in other states offer similar programs. It might be worth looking into if you are living frugally.

DHS (Department Human Services)

DHS (Department of Human Services) is the first place I go to supplement my food. It runs once a month and its year round. This one is a small group and smaller amounts of food but that’s okay because every little bit helps. This one doesn’t offer bread or oatmeal. It is all fruits and vegetables. Again, we dehydrate, can and freeze what we don’t eat right away. We make side dishes in homemade tv dinners.

Harvest Share

I’ve mentioned Harvest Share in previous postings. Let me explain what it is. Harvest Share is a volunteer-run food outlet during the Summer months of July and August. Some of the major sponsors are DHS, Clackamas Town Center, North Church and Bob’s Red Mill. They mostly donate fruits and veggies. It’s all fresh food. They also include food like oatmeal and loaves of bread. Anyone is welcome to use this service.

We get about $100 worth of food every week. Sometimes it’s so much food we can’t eat it all that week. We either freeze, dehydrate or can it for future meals. We don’t want to waste it or allow it to go bad. It helps a lot with our grocery bill. The money we save from Harvest Share we can spend on more meat or other foods we would otherwise not buy like cheese and luxury items like bagels or muffins. Fresh fruits and veggies are so expensive.

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen is the third place I get supplement food from. They have classes on how to cook, nutrition and gardening. I see them about once a month. I get flour, oatmeal, bread, boxed soups, frozen fish and of course fruits and veggies.

All three of these places help supplement my grocery bill. You might check to see what your state offers. I know other states offer similar help with supplementing food.


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