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How To Make A Glowing Fairy Vase

How To Make A Glowing Fairy Vase

Fairy Vase

This year’s New Year’s Resolution was to start making crafts again. Well, it was actually, “Do something that makes me happy”.  During the summer I started working on crafts. It had been a while since I had actually sat down and crafted anything. I pulled out my craft box and found all my paints dried up and the glue hard as cement.

Fairy-Vase-toy step by step tutorial

My next question was… What do I want to create?

I was inspired by a small solar powered toy on my table. It must be the Disney inside me. The idea of tinker bell in a jar just appealed to me. It reminds me of a snow-globe without the water or a glimpse into a small world.

Green Fairy-Vase
I caught a fairy in a jar.

I found a glass vase at the Dollar Tree that I could invert to catch a fairy. Then I found a fairy doll in the toy aisle. I also found the ribbon, glass marble rocks, flowers, glitter, and paint. I think the only thing I didn’t buy from Dollar Tree was the glass glue. The glass glue was purchased at Michael’s for $4.69.

Every fairy needs fairy dust. I wanted to create a reflective surface to simulate the look of glittery fairy dust. Using glitter provides the sparkly look of ice. The glass marble rocks are shiny enough to reflect the light back on the fairy. Add a small glowing light from the candle. What a magical scene!

Let’s Make A Fairy Vase


Supplies for the fairy vase

1 – Glass 7″ Urn Vase

1 – Fairy Doll

Bag of Glass Marble Rocks

1 – LED Color Changing Candle

Tube of Glitter

Bag of Glass Marble Rocks

Bottle of White Paint

Roll of Fishing Line

Spool of Ribbon

Box of Sticky Dots

Tube of Glass Glue


Tacky glue or Hot Glue

Fixing Up The Fairy

Glue Wing
Glued glitter wing

Start by spreading glue over the wing.

Gluing glitter on the wings

Sprinkle glitter over the wet glue on the wing.

tie bow
Tie bow on dolls ponytail

Tie a pretty bow in the fairies ponytail. This one was a bit too much. I took some off.

Working On The Vase

Tie fishing line
Tie fishing line on dolls pony tail.

Tie the fishing line to the fairies ponytail and knot it.

glue dot
Glue dot to the top of the glass vase

Stick the dot to the fishing line. Then figure out where you want the fairy to hang. Tie the fishing line off where you want it.

Hanging fairy
Hanging the fairy from the bottom

Take the glass glue and glue it to the sticky dot and then stick it to the top of the vase (which is the bottom of the vase turned upside down). Going forward the bottom of the vase has the opening (normally the top). Wow! That’s hard to explain in writing. 😉

glue glass rocks to vase
Glue glass rocks to vase

Use glass glue to glue the glass marble rocks to the inside of the vase neck. I wouldn’t suggest using Hot Glue. The hot glue peels off the glass.

Glued Glass Rock
Gluing the glass rocks to the vase

Gluing the glass marble rocks to the vase.

Ring of glass rocks
Ring of glass rocks

The completed ring of the glass marble rocks.

paint glitter vase
Paint and glitter the bottom of the vase

Paint the outside of the vase with white paint and sprinkle with glitter.

Creating A Bow For The Top Of The Vase

cardboard bow
Creating a bow on cardboard

Cut out a small cardboard circle out that will fit the top of the vase without being seen but large enough to fit a bow. It doesn’t need to cover the whole top. Paint it white.

Cut ribbon into strips long enough to make loops. Start gluing loops to the cardboard. I use hot glue for this part.

Creating a bow by gluing loops

This is what my completed bow looks like.

bow with flower
Adding flowers to the bow

I added flowers to the bow using hot glue.

ribbon ties
Add ribbon ties to the top of the vase under the bow.

Glue ribbon strips down the front and back from under the bow. Then glue the cardboard bow down on top of the strips of ribbon.

Making The Bottom To The Vase

cardboard circle pattern
Cardboard circle pattern

Cut out a cardboard circle large enough to just fit the neck of the vase. Make sure to cut out a hole for the LED changable candle. The cardboard circle will sit on top of the candle.

painted cardboard circle
Cut out circle and paint it

Paint the cardboard circle white and then sprinkle with glitter on while it is still wet to make it glittery. I wanted mine to look like a snowy scene. The light from the candle will bounce off of the glitter to make it sparkle.

painted and glitterd
Cutting the cardboard

Place the cardboard piece on top of the changable LED candle. Turn on the candle.

Fairy in a vase and candle bottom

The two pieces of this project are the completed vase jar and the candle LED bottom.

Place the vase on the top of the candle LED bottom.

Completed Fairy In A Vase

Fairy vase completed
Completed fairy vase

Fairy vase completed with the blue color from the LED color changing candle.

Fairy vase completed
Completed fairy vase

Completed fairy vase with the changable LED candle. Yellow color is currently showing in the picture. It is a wonderful Dollar Tree find.

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How to make a fairy vase using Dollar Tree items.

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How to Make a Glowing Fairy Vase

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