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Etsy Keyword Search

Etsy Keyword Search

Etsy Keyword Search

How to find keywords

First, sit down and brainstorm for 10-20 minutes. Make a list of at least 10 main keywords to describe your product. Make a list of words by thinking like a buyer. What would you type in the search field to get to this product? Would you type yellow baby dress? Baby dress?? Girl baby dress??? Now start an Etsy keyword search.Etsy keyword Search - How to do a keyword search in etsy. #etsy #keyword #search #listing

Popular Search Keywords

Open Etsy main shopping screen.
Use the search field, type in your first keyword. I’m using the word “baby”. ** do not hit enter. You’ll do that in a moment.
Do you see how there is a drop down with a list under your search field? These are all the most recent and popular searches customers have run using the word baby as a keyword.
This is your Keywords for Popular Search. You get 10-11 keywords or phrases with the top ranking as the most popular. Write down the ones that apply to your product.

Etsy Keyword Search - Popular Keyword Search

Subcategory Search Keywords

Now click Search.

You will see orange and pink boxes with titles just under the main categories. These are your Keywords for Popular Subcategories for the search “baby”. Write down the ones that apply to your product.
The list starts with baby boy, baby girl, newborn baby, baby girl clothes, and baby gift. These are ranked left to right with the left being the most popular.

Etsy Keyword Search Subcategory-Keyword-Search

Start taking the keywords out of each of the two search list. If you have matching keywords like baby boy, use it. Choose mostly from the subcategories list that applies to your product. Then select some of the popular search keywords that apply to your product.
This is a start to your keywords list to use for the word baby.
Then start over with the next word. Examples: infant, toddler, child, children, baby mittens, gloves, baby hats, blankets.
Once you have a keyword list built up, you can refer to it whenever you create a new listing.
I’ll only need to update your keyword list if you add a new product or every 5-6 months.

I hope this helps you increase your SEO in Etsy. Now head over to etsy to give it a try.


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