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Embroidered Rose Design

Embroidered Rose Design

My Embroidered Rose

One day, a few years ago I was out walking and came upon a beautiful rose in a neighbors garden. Since it was in a neighbors garden I didn’t pick it. Instead, I took a picture of it. I wanted to draw or paint it. A little later I sketched a drawing from the photo. I had just found an embroidery digitizing class and wanted to make the rose into an embroidery design. After a few trial and errors, I was able to digitize the embroidered rose you see below. We off the embroidered rose in red, pink, yellow, blue and lavender.

Embroidered Rose
Embroidered mulberry pink rose

The picture of the rose inspired me to buy the digitizing software and learn how to do it. It became one of the first designs I learned to digitized. Although, I did add an extra leaf to the design. It looked funny with just two leaves. The third leaf gives it a balanced look.

Spa Wrap Towels

Pink Rose Wrap
Pink rose spa wrap

Here is the spa wrap with the pink rose. We sold quite a few of these out at Saturday Market. We had made them up in a number of various colors. Avalible sizes are Small, Medium, Large, and Plus-Size. If you would like one please visit Etsy.

Blanket Throws

Pink rose blanket throw for the sofa couch on blue fleece
Pink rose blanket on blue fleece

It is also being offered on our new product fleece blanket throws. The embroidered rose design is machine embroidered on the bottom of the blanket. The blankets come in various colors of fleece and sizes. The blanket is sewn with a front and back layer of fleece. This makes the blankets heavier and warmer on those cold Fall, Winter days. With the two layers, you don’t see the back of the embroidery or have to deal with feeling the scratchy back on your legs or feet.

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