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New Artwork – Stain Glass Elephant Tea Light Holders

New Artwork – Stain Glass Elephant Tea Light Holders

Elephant Tea Light Holders

Elephant Tea Light Holders Artwork 3 tier stain glass elephant tea light candle holderI had a lot of fun hand-painting these three elephant tea light holders. I painted them as a gift for my niece for Christmas. She loves elephants. These candle holders took me a long time to make. Longer than any other present this year. I told her if she didn’t like them then I wanted them back because I liked them. I had them lit with tea lights for a week before I had to wrap them on Christmas Eve. Then it snowed and they sat on the cabinet in the box for 3 months. I was so tempted to unwrap them.
Elephant painted 3 tier tea light holders.They are painted with Pebeo Vitrea 160 paint in oriental green color for the background. I wanted the background to have a scattered effect. I mixed black ink and veiled white to make the grey for the elephants. Using the Pebeo Vitrea black outliner I outlined everything.

Three small grey elephants with a green background.Each of the candle holders has three tiny elephants circling the bowl. The bowl is one inch tall. The elephants are less than a half inch tall. I know the elephants look a little plain but they are very tiny and were very hard to draw on the glass. But I loved them and I hope my niece loved them too! The candle holder holds a tea light size candle. The Pebeo paints create a stain glass effect. The light from the candle creates a beautiful green glow.

The tea light holders are in three sizes. The smallest is 6″, the middle is 7″ and the tallest 8″ stemmed glass candle holders. I bought the tea lights and stemmed candle holders at Dollar Tree.

Three tier tea light candle holders.They look so much better with the lights off and real tea light candles burning. The LED tea lights that I used in the photo do not do them just. They were almost out of batteries and were very dim.

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I had a lot of fun making these for my niece. I hope she liked them!

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