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Making Perfectly Poached Eggs Using Egg Poach Cups

Making Perfectly Poached Eggs Using Egg Poach Cups

Egg Poach Cup

I’m so glad someone invented the egg poach cup. My favorite way to eat eggs is poached. It goes back to when I was 4 and my family would go out to breakfast every Saturday morning. My dad would order eggs benedict. My mom tells me I use to order mine as “eggs benick”. Eggs Benedict is made with English muffins, Canadian bacon, poached eggs, topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce. Yummy! My favorite breakfast! Add some fruit and the world is all good.

Poaching eggs - how to poach eggs

Original water poaching method

The original method of poaching eggs is the water method. I hate this method of poaching an egg. I could never get it right. First, you bring a pot of water with some vinegar to a simmer. Then you crack an egg into the water and quickly spoon the whites over the yolk. My whites would be floating throughout the water and the yolks would end up broken. YUCK! It sounds simple but I always ended up with a messy pot, water all over the place, and cereal for breakfast.

Upgrade To Poaching Pan

Then the poaching pans came out. I was thrilled! The problem with the pan poachers is that I either lost the poaching pan in the cupboard or I didn’t have the right sized pot that would fit the poaching pan. It was more of an inconvenience but a definite upgrade from the water method.

Silicone Egg Poaching Cups

When I first saw these silicone eggs poach cups I had to have them. Now they fit in a drawer and I don’t lose them in the cabinet anymore. The cups are made from BPA-free, food-grade FDA-approved silicone. They are so easy to use and clean. The eggs slip right out of the cups. Although when they first came out I wasn’t sure what to call them so I called them poaching bras. They kind of look like the inside of a bra. I first bought a set from kitchen kaboodle years before they showed up on Amazon. My first set is packed away in storage. I just couldn’t find them. On the off chance, I thought I would try Amazon. I found some and ordered another set. Yay! Now if someone could make canned or jarred Hollandaise sauce it would be perfect. I’d like to find a diabetic-friendly recipe.

Other uses for the silicone cups

The silicone bra’s Oh! I mean pods or cups are easy to clean up with soap and water or just toss them on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Cups can also be used in the oven for baking or a microwave. They can be used to bake single-serving desserts or make custard. I’ve even tested the theory of melting chocolate in one. Small amounts of course! =)

Here’s how to make a perfectly round poached egg.

Added oil to the egg poach cup

Add oil to the poacher. You could use an oil spray too. I don’t use oil sprays.


Eggs are cracked and dropped into the poaching cups

Add eggs to the poaching cups. Add cups to the pan with simmering water.


Watching the egg poach cup through the clear glass lid.

It helps to cover the eggs to steam the top of them. If you use a glass lid you can watch the eggs poaching.


Eggs are poached in the egg poach cup and ready to be removed from the cups

The eggs are finished poaching and are ready to be removed from the cups. I use a spoon to loosen the sides if they stick to the cups.


A perfectly round poached egg on toast with butter

Poached egg on toast with butter. Look how perfectly round the eggs come out when poached.


Ready to Eat

Eggs are poached and ready to eat.

Yummy! Poached eggs. Now all I need is some ham and hollandaise. =)

You can find many poaching egg cups offered on Amazon.

How to cook poached eggs using egg poaching cups.

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