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Drying Frozen Peaches

Drying Frozen Peaches

Drying Frozen Peaches

I’m drying frozen peaches today. Every month I pick up frozen peaches from the Pantry Market. I get 2-3 baggies a month. Each baggie holds about 1-2 whole peaches sliced into quarter wedges.


I usually make smoothies out of them or eat them frozen in my morning oatmeal. Sometimes I don’t use it all, so instead of leaving them in the freezer where they can get freezer burn, I dehydrate them. After dehydrating them, I can grind them into powder. Peach powder mixed with boiling water makes a great syrup for flavoring drinking water or pancakes. Depending on how much water is used. When I dehydrate segments I can still use them in smoothies by rehydrating them in the milk or whey.

Once dried they can be used in different types of recipes or eaten as a snack. Peaches and cream oatmeal for breakfast is a good change from the regular plain flavor. I might try to make a peach sorbet if I can find a good recipe for one.

Ready to Dry Peaches

Frozen peaches thawed and ready to dehydrate

Cut parchment paper to cover dehydrating trays. If you are using a Nesco they are round trays. Make sure to cut the hole in the center and cut it on the inside edge of the tray. The hole in the center and the holes that run on the edge of the trays are the way the dehydrator moves the airflow through the machine. So, you don’t want to cover the holes that run around the outside of the tray.Frozen peaches have been soaked in citric acid and loaded on trays Spread peaches on the tray. Try not to stack the peaches on top of each other.

They dry better if the peaches do not touch.

DehydratorDehydrate 135 degrees for 10-18 hours. Check the peaches halfway through for dryness.

I use a NESCO Snack Master Express Food Dehydrator. I can use up to 12 trays with this model.

Frozen peaches dehydrated and dried ready to turn into powder.Dried segments. They should be dry and pliable. Bending them without breaking.

I can grind segments into a peach powder and use it to make syrup. (Not shown here) I’m not using these in powder form. I’m using these in tea and snacks.

vacuum seal

I use pint or quart-size mason jars for storing my dried fruits. It is vacuum-sealed for freshness and long-term storage.

I use a vacuum sealer with the Food Saver vacuum lids regular and wide mouth accessory.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Have you tried to dehydrate frozen peaches?

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Dehydrated Frozen Peaches make great snacks.

Drying Frozen Peaches
Do you have a bag of frozen peaches in taking up room in the freezer? Worried you need to do something with them before they get frost bite or freezer burn? After a while if my bag of peaches doesn't get used, I dry them and store them on the shelf for later use.
Prep Time 10 mins
Dehydrate 130F/55C degrees 10 hrs
Course Food Storage
Cuisine Dehydrate


  • Dehydrator


  • 1 bag Frozen Peaches


  • Line dehydrator trays with parchment paper cut out to fit.
  • Add peaches to the tray
  • Dehydrate at 130F/55C for 8-10 hours
  • When dry the peaches should be dry and pliable. You can bend them without breaking.
  • Store these or powder them. Store in a mason jar and vacuum seal.
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Dehydrated Frozen Peaches make great snacks.

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