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It’s A Dollar Tree Christmas This Year A Few Simple Gift Ideas

It’s A Dollar Tree Christmas This Year A Few Simple Gift Ideas

Dollar Tree Christmas Gifts

Dollar Tree has many great finds for Christmas. When you start looking around you’ll start to find gifts for the family. Here is a few great inexpensive Dollar Tree Christmas gift ideas.

Children Size Gloves and Hat

Purple hat and gloves

The gloves can be worn three ways. 1. Both pieces together as shown. 2. Fingertip free (black piece). 3. Full glove (all purple)

Under $5.00 gift: Spend $2.00 for a set of hat and gloves. Add a Christmas box for $1.00. This gift for $3.00.

Two cute examples of gift boxes that can be used with the hat and gloves below.

In a Mailbox Gift box

Hat and gloves in a mailbox gift box.

We are writing the first name that the gift is going to on the mailbox flag.

Mailbox Gift box
Mailbox stuffed with hat and gloves

They fit snuggly in the mailbox.

In a Lunchbox Gift Box

Hat in a lunchbox
Hat and gloves in a lunchbox gift box

This red hat is a heavy knit hat. It should be nice and warm this winter.

lunchbox gift box stuffed
Hat and gloves in a lunchbox gift box

Here the hat and gloves fit nice in the lunchbox gift box.

Lunchbox Gift Box
Lunchbox Gift Box

When Christmas is over the child can use the gift boxes to carry other things in like their hot wheels or hair clips and play makeup, nail polish kits.

We are adding ribbons, bows and gift tags to pretty it up for the Christmas Tree. =)

Candle Holder

I created an article on how to make these simple candle holders here.

Blue candle holder
Blue candle holder with blue color glass rocks and a LED candle votive.

Under $5.00 gift: Spend $1.00 for the candle holder, $1.00 for a bag of blue color glass rocks, 1 box for two LED candle votives and 1 roll of 1/2″ ribbon. This gift cost $3.50 to make. To buy all items it cost $4.00 with an extra votive to use elsewhere.

Under $7.00 for all three gifts: Spend $3.00 for three candle holders, $1.00 for 1 bag of aqua colored rocks split three ways, $2.00 for 2 packages of two LED candle votives and $1.00 for 1 roll of 1/2″ ribbon.  The cost of the 3 candle holders $6.50. That’s $2.17 for each one. To buy all items $7.00 with an extra votive to use elsewhere.

Christmas Kitchen Towel Gift Box

This gift is for the Christmas cook in the family. Give it as a pre-Christmas gift. They’ll appreciate the holiday theme while cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Kitchen Christmas cooking set.
Kitchen Christmas cooking set.

Under $5.00 gift: Spend $1.00 for two pot holders, $1.00 for an oven mitt, $1.00 for a towel. This gift for $3.00.

Merry Christmas!

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