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How To Dehydrate Kale

How To Dehydrate Kale

Dehydrate Kale

Kale is a new veggie for me. I know I probably have eaten it in salads in restaurants but I didn’t recognize it at the time. It is a green leafy green veggie so it is rich in vitamins like A, C, B6, K, E, potassium, and many others. I started to dehydrate kale to add to my smoothies in the morning. It adds an extra boost of vitamins to whatever you add it to. I’ve also been adding a teaspoon here and there to my soups this winter.


Some Facts About Kale:

Kale comes in both green and purple varieties. I’ve tried both and they both taste the same to me.

It is closely related to the wild cabbage.

It does not form a head like a cabbage.

Can grow in winter down to temps of -15 degrees.

Becomes sweeter after the first frost.

Rich source of multiple vitamins.

Drying Kale

Green KaleGreen Kale And

Red KalePurple Kale

Rip or tear leaves from the stem. Tear any rough or hard ribs off.

Tear large leaves into smaller ones to help them dry faster.

Wash KaleThoroughly rinse. Allow kale to drain off any extra water.

Kale loaded on traysLoaded on trays.

I used the clean mesh screens so the smaller pieces don’t fall through the large holes in the regular tray.

DehydratorDehydrate kale at 110 degrees for 4-6 hours.

I use a NESCO Snack Master Express Food Dehydrator.

Dried KaleLeaves should be brittle and crisp when dry. What dishes do you make with kale?

vacuum seal Store in either a mason jar or food saver vacuum bags.

My vacuum sealer is it has an accessory port so I can use the Food Saver vacuum lids regular and wide mouth accessory.


Print Directions

Dehydrating kale to add the extra vitamins in recipes, soups and stews without your kids even tasting it.

How to Dehydrate Kale
Kale is a new leafy green for me. I only started eating it in the last few years. I have found that I love it fresh, However, I like to add dehydrated kale to soups, dips, chili, casseroles, and stews during winter.
Prep Time 5 mins
Dehydrate 100F/43C 5 hrs
Total Time 5 hrs 5 mins
Course Food Storage
Cuisine Dehydrate


  • Dehydrator
  • Mesh Screen


  • 1 Head Kale


  • Use mesh screen in tray
  • Rip or tear leaves from the stem. Remove any rough or hard ribs. Tear larger leaves into smaller ones
  • Wash and pat dry leaves
  • Add leaves to the tray
  • Dehydrate 110F/43C degrees for 4-6 hours
  • When dry leaves will be crisp, and brittle.
  • Break larger pieces into smaller ones.
  • Place in a mason jar and vacuum seal for storage.
Keyword Dehydrate, Kale


Dehydrating Kale to add extra vitmins to recipes, soups, stews, smoothies without your kids tasting it.

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How to Dehydrate Kale

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