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Hamilton Beach Counter-Top Convection Oven

Hamilton Beach Counter-Top Convection Oven

Hamilton Beach Oven

Hamilton Beach Convection Counter-top Oven.

Today I’m reviewing our old and new Hamilton Beach Oven. I don’t know what the old model number is but the new one is 31105HB. The only difference between the old and new models is the door handle. We like to use the convection oven because it is small and sits on the countertop. It pulls less electricity to help keep our bill low and it doesn’t heat the house as the apartment main oven does. The apartment oven is currently used for storing all of the pans. LOL

Old Oven

Old Hamilton Beach oven
Our old oven

This is our old oven. We’ve had it for 5 years and it is still going strong. We use it multiple times a day. It is used instead of the large oven that comes with the apartment. We decided to retire it from the kitchen and get a new one. I’m going to clean it up and use it for projects.

New Oven

New oven
Newly arrived oven in the box

Our new oven arrived right before Christmas. We couldn’t wait to start using it.

new oven buttons
Oven knobs feature temperature, bake, convection, broil, and a timer

The temperature gauge goes to 450 degrees F. It is hot enough for anything we want to cook.

We can cook by rotisserie, bake, convection or broiling. It has everything we need. I like to use the timer. I can set it and come back when it’s done. If I forget the time it will automatically turn itself off so my food doesn’t burn. The timer goes up to 120 minutes (2Hrs). My mom mostly uses the on/off feature. She doesn’t like to use the timer.

New Hamilton Beach oven
New oven installed in its place in the kitchen

Look how clean the new oven is. It won’t stay that way for long! We make multiple meals all day long. My mom makes her meals. Then I make my meals. The oven is a workhorse. We make between 5 and 9 meals daily.

new oven racks
New oven racks.

This oven comes with 2 racks. The bottom is easy to clean. Just pull out the crumb drip tray.

I think there is a difference between a convection oven and a toaster oven. One thing is for sure the convection oven is larger and it doesn’t make toast like a toaster oven. It makes toast as a regular oven does. It takes a while to toast it. The answer to the questions is YES! there is a difference.

Hamilton Beach Convection Countertop Oven Model #31105HB. We have also used Model #31107D. Our new one is model #31103DA. These ovens last between 5 and 8 years being used multiple times a day. We especially like the extra-large ovens.


Hamilton Beach Convection Counter-top Oven.

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