How To Dehydrate Chocolate Mint

How To Dehydrate Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint

I found this little starter plant at a New Season’s Market. It intrigued me. The tag said Chocolate Mint? I’ve never heard of a chocolate mint plant. I immediately thought “does it taste like chocolate”? Why is it called chocolate mint? What makes it chocolate? I bought it and took it home. I had to find out.

Dehydrating chocolate mint leaves. There great in tea and desserts.

First thing I found out about chocolate mint is that it will take over your garden. I made the mistake of planting it with the strawberries. Silly me! I thought a 4-foot long planter would be enough room. Wrong! The branches and stems of the plant grow long and will root if it comes in contact with dirt. With it growing fast it can take over your garden in no time.

It was only a few short weeks before I had my first harvest. After my first harvest I let it grow back in a couple of inches then I replanted it in its own smaller planter so I can control it a little better.

When harvesting I cut all the vines off and made sure I left 1-2″ from the top of the soil so it could start to grow again. I’m now on my 3rd harvest this year. It grows really fast. My mom calls it the minty weed.

I am glad I bought it. It makes wonderful mint teas and yet it has a slight chocolate flavor but its mostly mint. If you add a tiny bit of chocolate extract it boosts the chocolate flavor even more.

Let’s get started dehydrating:

Washed fresh mint leavesWash mint leaves and pat dry with a paper towel.

Load the dehydrator tray with freshly washed chocolate mint leaves.

Place on dehydrator trays. I use the mesh screens to keep the leaves from falling through the large gaps in the regular trays.

Dehydrate at 90 – 110 degrees for   16-18 hours. Leaves will be crisp and brittle when dried. I use a NESCO FD-60 Snack Master Express Food dehydrator.


Vacuum Seal in a mason jar to keep it freshly dried. I also use the vacuum sealer for long-term storage.

I use a Seal a Meal vacuum sealer with the Food Saver vacuum lid regular and wide mouth accessory.

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How to dehydrate chocolate mint to make wonderful teas and desserts.

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