Checking In!

Checking In!

Just Checking In on my blog!

I’ve been away while the landlord took down the carport. Now that is done I was checking in on my blog and re-evaluate it. I am trying to figure out what was good about my blog and what needs to be changed. I would like to make this a place people would like to stop by and read an article or two.

What has been going on?

Well, he finally finished, I think! At least I hope!

The last blog I mentioned my landlord had decided to overhaul my apartment. What did he do? He tore down the carport, dug a giant hole, ripped up the concrete, laid new concrete, tore off the old siding, replaced the siding with new, accidentally made a hole in my bathroom wall, ripped out a window frame, installed a new frame, then a new window, fixed my bathroom wall,  power washed the whole building and then finally decided to paint the entire duplex instead of just the one wall. Yikes!!! That is 4 1/2 months of stress. Glad that’s over!!

When this all began we were still in the middle of winter and it kept snowing and causing delays. Last week they finally, finished painting the entire duplex including trim. Yeah!!!! The only thing they didn’t paint was the door. It’s been very stressful but at least it is done and looks absolutely beautiful. I was able to make a small patio. I can’t wait to use it once it stops raining. That’s Oregon! It rains a lot! LOL

Now if I could get new paint on the inside walls and some new carpet I’d have a whole new apartment inside and out. =)

Now I can start focusing on my blog again. Yay!!!

I’m doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance!!

I’ll be back soon with new blog articles and hopefully some videos.

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