Diabetes Category is about any helpful information I find. I will also add anything that is diet related. This is for Type 2 Diabetes.

The information that will be blogged about here is about Type 2 Diabetes. Whenever I find the helpful information I like to pass it long. I hope it is helpful to the reader.

Diabetes is a disease that is not easy to live with. It affects many bodily functions and systems. They say that diabetes can be controlled by changing your diet and adding exercise. I don’t think these things help. I’ve changed my eating habits and still have high blood sugar.

It is very sad to read that there are many people dying from complications from this disease. What’s worse is, they don’t even know they have it.

Coconut Aminos A Diabetic Friendly Soy Free Product

Coconut Aminos A Diabetic Friendly Soy Free Product

What is Coconut Aminos? Why I use it! Coconut Aminos is fermented coconut. The fermenting process turns the coconut into a dark brown syrup. The syrup has a taste equal to soy sauce making this a soy free product. It has 75% less sodium than […]

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