Pet Recipes

Pet recipes category includes recipes that are canned, dehydrated or frozen.

I am including recipes to make baked dog food. Homemade pet recipes are much more nutritious and preservative free for our four-pawed fur babies. I use fresh and frozen peas, carrots, oatmeal, broth and some kind of meat. Whatever meat I can get pretty cheap that month. Sometimes, salmon, sardines, chicken, or beef.

I’ve been dehydrating bacon, beef and vegetable treat for many years now. My dogs absolutely love them.  I am always experimenting with dehydrator recipes. I am going to start drying lamb.

I’m always looking for new recipes for my dogs. When I find one that may look good I go over it and make sure it is all food that dogs can eat. Then I will test a small batch of it and sometimes change to some foods I know my dog likes. Then I try small amounts on my dog and see if they like it.


How To Make Dehydrated Bacon Dog Treats

How To Make Dehydrated Bacon Dog Treats

Bacon Dog Treats My dogs love bacon dog treats. I was buying them from the pet store but they were costing $8.00 a box for maybe 20-25 treats. I was buying between 3-4 boxes a month. That is a lot of money for basically what […]

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