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Quick Candle Holder Gift Under $5.00

Quick Candle Holder Gift Under $5.00

Glass Candle Holder Gift

This year is going to be a lean Christmas for us. We are looking for ways to create gifts under $5.00. I purchased all items for this project from Dollar Tree. This one is a simple glass candle holder.

Candle holder gift $5

The gift can be given to family, friends or co-workers. It is also a good gift to use in the white elephant game played in some offices during Christmas.

This project is quick and simple to do.

Let’s Get Started


Blue Candle Holder
Blue Candle Holder Supplies
  • 1- Glass Candle Holder ($1)
  • Bag of blue glass rocks ($1)
  • 1- LED Flicker Candle  ($1 for 2)
  • Organza Ribbon by the yard ($1)

Total cost for one $4.00


Clean the candle holder and allow to dry.

Blue Filling
I’m filling it with blue glass rocks.
Blue Full rocks
Filled with the blue glass rocks

Empty the entire bag of glass rocks into the holder.

Blue add LED candle
Add the LED Candle

Add the LED votive candle to the center of the glass rocks. Snuggle it down so the rocks hug the candle. The votive size is easier to pull in and out of the candle holder to turn it on/off.

Add a bow
Add a bow

I used 1/2″ organza ribbon for the bow.

blue add bow
Added a bow

Create and add bow to the top of the glass holder. With the bow in the middle front you can’t see the candle. I placed my off to the side.

It’s ready to go

Blue candle holder completed
Blue Candle Holder completed

Suggestions for other items to use.

clear CH
Clear candle holder with aqua colored rocks.

I used 1 bag of aqua colored rocks for all three holders. The three gifts cost $7.00 at Dollar Tree with one extra LED votive to use elsewhere.

I’ve made one using sand and seashells. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it.

Fill the bottom with a bunch of colorful beads, faux pearls or tube of glitter.

There are so many things out there you can use. Take a look around and you might find something you like better.

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Candle holder gift $5

Here is a downloadable PDF

Quick Candle Holder Gift under

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