How To Make Dehydrated Bacon Dog Treats

How To Make Dehydrated Bacon Dog Treats

Bacon Dog Treats

My dogs love bacon dog treats. I was buying them from the pet store but they were costing $8.00 a box for maybe 20-25 treats. I was buying between 3-4 boxes a month. That is a lot of money for basically what is flour, water, and grease. I started making these treats for my dogs and they absolutely love them. The cost comes out to $1.50 for 25-30 treats. I make large batches of these treats at a time and divide them out by the week and freeze them. At the end of the week, I pull out one baggie full to thaw and to use the next week. Homemade treats are always the best. You know exactly what is in it and you don’t have to worry about the dog food recalls.

Bacon Dog Treats
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Lets Get Started:

Bacon treats

Measure 1 cup of wheat flour and pour into the food processor. Use the standard chop blade.

Bacon treats
Heated bacon grease

When I make bacon I save the grease in a grease container. This is the bacon grease that I’ve collected for about a month. I melted them in two ramekins I purchased from Target. With this amount of grease, I can make 8 batches. About 240 treats.

Add 4 Tbs of bacon grease to the bowl. Pulse the food processor until grease is semi-mixed in. It will look lumpy.

bacon treats
Filter water

Add 1/4 cup of water. I use filtered water in my house.

bacon treats
Making dough in the food processor

I use a Hamilton Beach Food Processor that I bought on Amazon. Blend until dough ball starts to form. You can also mix it by hand but that is a whole lot of work. Although it will build up your muscles. If the dough is to dry add a little bit more water until the dough ball forms. Dough should look smooth and firm. It should have a little spring to it.

bacon treat
Bacon treat dough

I use 1 tsp to dip out the dough. Roll it into a ball in the palm of your hands and flatten it out with your thumb. If you want bigger treats, use 1 TB instead. It will make fewer but bigger treats. 1 TB makes about 15- 20 treats per batch.

bacon treats
Bacon treats loaded and ready to dehydrate

Place treats on a mesh screen on the dehydrator tray. I can fit about 30 treats on one tray. When they are done the treats look like mini chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.

My Dehydrator

12 tray dehydrator

My dehydrator is a Nesco FD60. I used 9 trays to make 240 treats. Dehydrate at 140 degrees for 12-20 hours depending on how many batches you have going at one time. Check on the treats after 12 hours to see if they are dry. I usually break one in half to see if they are dry through out. If not, I continue drying and check again in 3-4 hours. They should look, feel and crumble like a cookie when they are done.

Here’s a Print out

Bacon Dog Treats from the Dehydrator

Dehydrated bacon dog treats

Course: Pet Treats
Cuisine: Dehydrate
Keyword: Bacon Dog Treats
Servings: 30 Dog Treats
Author: mischyf
  • 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour We use Bob's Redmill
  • 4 TBS Bacon Grease Can use 2 Tbs bacon grease and 2 Tbs crumbled bacon bits instead
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  1. Add flour and grease to the food processor and pulse for 1 minute or until blended.

  2. Add water a little at a time until dough ball forms.

  3. Use a teaspoon to dip out 1 tsp of dough. Roll dough in palm of hand until a small dough ball forms. Squish flat with thumb to 1/4" thick.

  4. Place on mesh screen lined dehydrator tray. I can fit about 30 per tray.

  5. Dehydrate 140 degrees for 16-20 hours depending on number of filled trays. Check after 6 hours.

    Treats should look and feel like a chocolate chip cookie but without the chocolate chips.

  6. Let cool.

Recipe Notes

Can freeze treats up to 1 year. Store in Refrigerator for 6 months. Keep out in treat jar up to 2 weeks. If it becomes too hot during summer I store them in the refrigerator. It gives the dog a cool treat to eat.

Can make bigger sized treats by using the 1 TBS. This will make bigger treats but there will be fewer.



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