Mischyf Baby Store is Open

Mischyf Baby Store is Open

Mischyf Store On Etsy Is Open

I have opened a new store called Mischyf on Etsy. It is was originally a baby store. I changed it to be a gift store. Now that I survived cancer I am trying to move on with something I love to do. I have chosen to move away from just embroidering towels. I’ve been wanting to have a clothing shop since I left high school. When I opened a towel shop it was going to be temporary. Ten years later I’m still doing towels and have no time to work on clothes. What’s that phrase… “Don’t work harder, Work smarter”. Now I am taking the plunge. I closed my towel shop and opened a gift shop. My gift shop will sell baby products, adult clothes, and glassware.

Baby Store Products:

Baby products I am getting set up to offer are onesies, bibs, burp cloths, mittens, rompers, pajamas, and blankets. I tye-dyed a few onesies and t-shirts to start. Each one is one of a kind. I won’t be able to duplicate the dye pattern again.

Glassware Items:

I know glassware is a strange thing to add to a clothing store. I went back to an old hobby with a new twist. Glass! I have been painting as a hobby since I was a little girl. I recently bought a vase and realized I could have painted it myself. So I sat down and started painting on glass. I will have various glass items such as mugs, cups, wine glasses, vases, and candle holders.

Adult Clothes:

The adult clothes I have planned to add is skirts and tops dyed, screen printed or embroidered. Adult clothes will be added soon.

Here is a small sample of the current items available.

Mischyf Baby Store Pin
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Magenta Sleeping Panda Baby Store
Magenta Sleeping panda

The first one is a magenta hand dyed onesie with an embroidery sleeping panda.  The Gerber onesie is 100% cotton and very soft to the touch. This is a long sleeve with cuff mittens and two snap closure. The size is 0-3 month. If you’re looking for white onesies try Target. You can buy 5 for $9.99.

I use the onesies and hanes labels.

Dyed onesie in blues and purples.

Baby t-shirt PINCome visit anytime. Mischyf

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