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Alpine Strawberry Seedling

Alpine Strawberry Seedling

Alpine Strawberry Seedling

Alpine Strawberry Seedling – would I buy them again from Dollar Tree?

I bought 6 strawberry seed kits from Dollar Tree this spring. The kit consisted of a small 4″ pot, a soil pellet, and a tea bag with seeds. When we got home we added water to the pellets and fluffed up the soil. Yes! the directions actually said fluff up the soil. Then we put the tea bags of seeds 1/4″ in the soil from the top. We put them under the seedling heat lamp with all of our other seedlings. It was still too cold to put the plants outside.

Two weeks went by and we saw some leaves coming out of the pots. There were 2-3 seedlings growing. We watered the seedlings and the next day I noticed that one of the strawberry pots was completely covered with white fluffy MOLD! The ENTIRE pot was moldy. YUCK!!! I threw the pot out. A few days later we noticed another one was starting to mold on top. We ended up throwing out 3 of the 6 strawberry pots. We were able to save 3 plants. They are now planted outside and taking their sweet time growing.

What Kind of Strawberries are They?

I did some research on these strawberry seeds that we bought from Dollar Tree. They are Alpine Strawberries. The fruit grows to the size of the tip of your finger. These are an evergreen variety. The plant gives strawberries all season. They do not send off runners, that’s what makes these the best in hanging pots.

My mom and I are really curious and can’t wait to taste these tiny strawberries. We were unable to get seeds or starter plants for the normal regular-sized ones this year. So NO! I would not buy these again from Dollar Tree.


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