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About Me

My name is Monique! My blog is called Mischyf (mischief). It’s about me!

I decided to write a blog about how I am finding ways to live on a small budget. My adventures cooking food and planning a life I want to live. It’s about me and how I am trying to live my life.


Join me as I cook family and lo-carb (keto, paleo, Whole30) recipes. I will show you how canning and dehydrating food can help keep the grocery food bill down. I’ll show you how I meal plan my weekly/monthly meals. How keto has helped me bring down my blood sugar and lose weight.


Most of my life I have used planners to plan and set my goals. I love ToDo list. When I was in high school I remember the Franklin planner and Day Runner were both popular. Of course, I had one of each. One for school stuff and the other for my projects. Not much has changed except I recently discovered The Happy Planner. I absolutely love this planner and stickers. The Happy Planner ladies came up with such a great idea. I can be creative, functional and organized all at the same time.

Mom’s Planner

It’s funny because my mom was the one that turned me on to The Happy Planner. My mother had watched someones YouTube video about planning last year. All she would talk about for months was this planner. I would just roll my eyes and just say “yes, mom”. She finally found out that the JoAnn’s Superstore was carrying the planner she wanted. We drove down there to get her one. She asked me “are you sure you don’t want one?” “no, mom.”

The Big Planner

The quote on the front was exactly how I was feeling. “Lose your way to find yourself”. After I lost my job and then was diagnosed with 3B breast cancer I’d been feeling lost. That saying just hit home for me. I’d been feeling like one of those cartoon characters that had the ground ripped out from under them and they are running like crazy in midair and don’t realize they are about to fall. I went home and ordered one immediately.

After I received it, I realized how functional and useful the planner was. My binders for my blogs had broken for the third time. At that point, instead of replacing the binders I bought, yep you guessed it, Happy Planners. I love how The Happy Planner uses discs. I can easily add or remove a page as needed. It’s easy to change the cover if I wanted too. I loved the concept that the Happy Planner offers.

Then I discovered that I can be creative with my books and decorate them any way I want. If I don’t like what I decorated this week, well there is always next week to make a better one. The mistake that I made was buying all functional sticker books in the beginning. I really needed to buy some decorative sticker books. That’s when my creative outlet kicked in. I started drawing and sketching my own artwork and using the functional stickers to complement the page. Eventually, I will buy some decorative sticker books. I can’t wait to see what I can do with the stickers. My favorite book so far is the colorful boxes.

My Planners

Now my mom makes fun of me. I currently have a total of 7 planners, 2 happy notebooks, 2 planners that start in July, 3 stencils, 5 sets of stamps and 4 sticker books. I use my planners for 2 Big Planners for my blogs, 1 classic for my sewing/crafting projects, 1 faith, 1 social media, 1 mini to carry in my purse and 1 classic for my online business. I’m getting ready to buy 4 more planners. One for meal planning, one for recipes, one for budget and the last one for wellness. I think my mom created a monster that likes to plan. Thanks to The Happy Planner, I’m starting to feel the ground beneath me again. I feel I’m finding my new self. I am adding Happy Planning to my blog because it has started to become about me and a creative life I want to strive for.

Career Minded Path

After I moved to Oregon my degree in fashion wasn’t very helpful. I turned to the Pacific Northwest Industry of choice, Computers. I started in Tech Support and worked my way up into a Sr. Systems Analyst job. Then I was re-organized right out of a job. The company sent my job overseas to India. Round that time my mom fell and I moved back in with her to be a live-in aide.


In 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer. Yup! I was attacked by the Pink Ribbon! It took me two years to get through cancer treatments and 2 surgeries. I’m officially a cancer survivor! However, I have quite a few leftover side effects that make employers reluctant to hire me. I have lymphedema in my arm, hand, and neuropathy in both my feet. Plus I have a bad back that is made worse by the foot problem. Don’t pity me… I tell everyone that “I am happy to be above ground”.

My Youth

I’ve been an artist of sorts since I was a child. I love arts, crafts and being creative. I’ve always been into doing it yourself (DIY) projects and crafts.  My mom bought me a child sewing machine when I was 4 years old and started teaching me how to sew. As a little girl, I would make Barbie clothes. On my 7th Birthday, she gave me a Singer sewing machine. A real adult machine!! I began making my own clothes, curtains for my bedroom and pillows for my bed. Anything and everything I could think of. When I was around 13, my mom opened a custom bridal shop. I starting making bridal and prom gowns for her shop.

I had lots of fun working with my mom in my youth. After high school, I attended a fashion school where I learned how to make my own patterns and designs.  It has been a huge part of my life. I am so very appreciative to my mom for teaching me. To this day we sit side by side on the sofa and hand embroidery together. Lately, we’ve been sitting in our chairs and playing our Nintendo 3DS.

Well, that is all about me, for now! Enjoy the site!